We are united by our faith in God as revealed in Jesus Christ.
We commit ourselves to share in the responsibilities of Christian discipleship
by proclaiming the Gospel, maintaining the distinctive principles shared by Baptists,
and conducting ourselves as Christian believers.

Covenant of Faith

With this as our covenant of faith, we will:

  • Have a membership that is open to all people who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior, are baptized in the name of Christ, and desire to pattern their lives after Him.
  • Rely on the Bible to be the authoritative source of our personal belief in God and His will for our lives.
  • Have a ministry of concern for our fellow man, and especially those whose faith is in Jesus Christ, through which we give spiritual, emotional, and physical support.
  • Worship together weekly in order to encourage others in their faith and to find nurture for our own spiritual strength.
  • Teach the Christian faith through the study of the Bible and other Christian writings.
  • Share with those who are not Christians the means of salvation and the promise of eternity with the Lord.
  • Assert our individual capability and responsibility to following the leadership of the Holy Spirit in all things, including each person's ability thereby to interpret Scripture.
  • Be sensitive to the cultural backgrounds of our community, as well as the social and moral issues that affect it.
  • Defend the right of all people, not just ourselves, to worship free of interference from governmental or ecclesiastical authority.
  • Support the work of the Church according to the Biblical standard of stewardship.
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