Deacon Ministry

The purpose of the Deacon Ministry is to assist the Pastor in providing pastoral care and spiritual leadership, support, and guidance for the congregation and reaching out to the community. This may mean ministry to families and individual persons in times of illness, recuperation, sorrow, and bereavement. As they respond to needs, Deacons may call on other members of the congregation to assist them. Deacons will also protect the fellowship of the Church in times of controversy and division.

Active Deacons Serving Through
Howard Anthony
Lisa Trevino 2018
Carol Beller 2019
Zola Kikwata 2019
Rita Bateman 2019
Lucy Cabrales
Clay Blackmore 2020
Ramon Tate
Basil Zaff

Please feel free to contact the office at 301.279.9388 to request a deacon contact you for any reason.

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