Madison Trevino & Suzy Hahn

Early Elementary

Ethan Hahn

Upper Elementary

Laura Snyder


Middle & High School:

Andrew Murren

Bed babies, toddlers and Pre-K are cared for in a safe and friendly environment while older siblings and parents are in Bible Study classes of their own.

Preschool children are taught age-appropriate lessons, with plenty of play time in a bright, cheery room!

Our lessons include Bible study and application of the Bible lesson to our lives today. We often use games, art and also craft activities to reinforce lesson concepts.

The children’s class Bible study lessons are based on stories that evolve week by week.

Each week the children receive a booklet with the Bible story and completed written activities to take home with them. This gives parents a great opportunity to review the lesson and discuss Biblical principles with their children.

The emphasis will be studying the books of the Bible. By seeing where the Bible comes from, we can see how it can apply to our lives as Christians.
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