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At the corner of Post Oak and Seven Locks Road lies the community of Seven Locks Baptist Church.  Read more...


Open for Prayer ........... 9:15 AM
Bible Study (All Ages) .. 9:45 AM
Worship ...................... 11:00 AM
Childcare Provided
11845 Seven Locks Road
Potomac, MD 20854

English Classes

 Once again we are offering ESL classes to the International adults in our community.  We have classes for beginners as well as for more advance students.  We do not charge for the English instruction but there is a $40.00 material fee each semester.

Our goal is to help the students become more proficient in English, so that they will be better able to function in our community.

Our lessons include vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation, reading comprehension, and knowledge of topics needed for daily living. Grammar, writing, and punctuation are not the main emphasis, but they will be taught as they relate to other class activities and homework assignments or as the need arises.

Classes meet two times weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.

Encourage your international friends to register!

 Level 5 Class Discussion1Level 1 Class at Work

Something Unexpected

rainbowAt the corner of Post Oak and Seven Locks Road lies the community of Seven Locks Baptist Church.

Begun as a mission church in 1960 on the site of an old farm, we've become something very hard to find these days: a Christian community small enough that everyone knows your name, but welcoming and diverse enough for you to feel at home.
Small enough to share a Fellowship Meal, but strong enough to support missions, outreach, youth and children's programs and Sunday Bible Study for all ages; we have it all!

If you have never been to Seven Locks Baptist Church take five extra minutes one day and drive onto our grounds. You'll find an unexpected jewel of green space. That is what our community feels like: an unexpected sanctuary in the hustle-bustle heart of Metropolitan D.C.

We are also the home to three other Christian groups:


True Light Korean Baptist Church; Pastor: Paul Moon


Sizang Burmese Mission Church: www.sizangchurch.org

Pastor: Cin Do Thang; Pastor: Rev. Dr. Cin Za Mang


AICF: Pastor: Mr. Abdullah Shokouhi

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